Life Experiment – Weight Lifting

Today marks 4 months into a weight training program I never imagined I’d do.  But, in order to change the body, you have to change your habits.  This is what I tell my voice clients everyday.

But you can’t preach what you don’t know.  Well, you can, but then you just sound hollow and boring after awhile.  There’s no #truthjuice behind words without experience to back them.

I’ve witness several clients go through a fundamental shift in vocal function after approximately one year of doing organized voice exercises.  Something in their bodies aligns in a new way, and they seem to have a new ground zero set point.  In order to truly know what that feels like, I have to go through that process myself – at least that’s what seems logical.

So, here we are.  4 months into 4-5 days a week doing cardio and lifting and a little yoga.  My weight has only decreased by 5 pounds, but I’ve lost inches in my arms, legs, waist and chest.  This feels like very slow progress, but I’m 100% at peace with the current rate of change.  Based on what my clients have discovered, I expect that after a year my body will gain a new set point of strength and coordination.

///”It’s cool, body, I haven’t challenged you for a lot of years, so I won’t ask you to all ‘a sudden be all sculpted ‘n stuff.  Let’s take a year and see what happens.  Sound good?”///

So, why write about it?  Because its fun to experiment with your own life, and I want to be transparent about my process.  Years ago the idea of living life as if it’s a laboratory struck me deep.  So wonderful! Go ‘head, find out if the thing/idea/process works for you!! And – isn’t voice training just one big acoustic experiment?  Isn’t it?

Voice training can be likened to going to the gym in many regards.  We go and do our exercises with correct form, and increase duration and skill over time.  Lots of time.  Acoustics add another dimension to the practice, though, and voice training becomes a profound intersection of physicality, vibration, and art.  Much cooler than just working out, but both equally relevant.

I have to keep reminding myself why I’m going to the gym every morning.  It’s because I want to be strong, and I want to, basically, see what happens.

  • Can this body change?
  • What will it look like after a year?
  • What is it going to feel like to be in this body after a year of consistent weight lifting?

Curiosity is now a stronger driving force than fear or self loathing, which is nice.  It makes the decision to work out kinda easy.  (Easy? Did that come out of my mouth?)

I expect this new mental/emotional territory will help yield fundamental structural changes.  Don’t know yet, though.  Will get back to you in 8 months, then in another 12, then in another 12 from that.

So, now you know.  And I’m on the hook for this year-long journey.  Just kidding, I’m actually excited to see what happens a year, even three years, from now.  Especially so I can give heaps more hope to someone who is starting a voice training program.

To all my clients who have stuck with it long enough to see a fundamental shift in vocal function, thank you for the inspiration.  I love you!

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  1. I can’t say enough about exercise. The kettle bell is the most convenient weight lifting tool you can use. All the exercises are on YouTube. A ten to eighteen pound kettle bell for a woman is good and a twenty five to thirty is good for a man. It’s all about form and a great cardio workout too.
    For increasing lung capacity hiking the trails of Percy Warner Park or a great mountain is excellent. Hiking steep inclines forces deep inhalation. Being in nature is good for the mind too. The joy of sublime health is incomparable to all else.

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