How To Be Heard

Write a lot.  Say a lot.  Sing a lot.  Publish what you sing or say or write in public places. A lot.

In one of Anthony Robbins’ books, he talks about getting better at public speaking (remember, public?)  He figured if he gave 3 speeches a day, instead of just three a week, he would get better . . . how much faster?

So, that’s what he did.  For a time, he gave 3 speeches a day.  And he got better a lot faster than his classmates.

Application, baby.

This tells us that practicing your craft (a lot) will help you get better at your craft faster, AND sharing it with others (a lot) will get you heard.*  Tony Robbins’ voice sounds all over the world, so we can point to him for evidence.

In order to be heard, you must share your voice.



*a post on the power of listening to arrive shortly


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