Voicing Your Values

I just watched a video by one of my clients, Nikki Holguin.  Not only does it speak to THE THING I believe is most important in this world (more love, not less), but it also reminds me how important it is to voice our values. Write them down, say them out loud, give them shape and size.

Once upon a time, in the middle of a divorce and all the emotional chaos that went along with said divorce, I took out a notepad and made a list of values that were most important to me.  Things like courage, integrity, freedom, and kindness, just to name a few.  It was an exercise from a self-help book long forgotten, and it was designed to create a sense of direction via values, not just goals.

What I realized in those days was that freedom was foundational to who I am.  Without it, I start to shrivel up.  But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want freedom?  The difference for me was naming it and feeling its electricity.  The act of saying I wanted it and needed it gave me the courage to seek it.  It took years to learn to make decisions that actually put freedom above co-dependency and toxic relationships, but had I not taken the first step of naming my values I would have never changed at all.

How does this relate to the voice studio?

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