The Gift of Limitation

“It is amazing what can happen if you force yourself into a limitation.”
Iris Scott, Fingerpaint Master in 60 sec docs

Life can seem like a series of limitations.  We often don’t have what we think we need or want.  (Notice the word *think.*)

But, as it turns out, what we have is exactly . . . what we need.  Because we have it.  In the moment, we can perceive something as a limitation, or we can become friends with it – stop fighting against it.  This is the only way to find peace.  Because peace happens in the moment and no where else.

We can either let go and fall in love with what’s in front of us, or not.  “Forcing ourselves into a limitation” is another way of saying “let go,” or “accept what is.”

The gift of limitation can turn out to be peace and/or joy in the moment.

Sometimes being backed into a corner, or up against a wall, also yields great creativity and inspiration.  If we let it.


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