Small Action, High Impact

In watching a few (well, ahem, maybe more than “a few”) Seth Godin YouTube talks this week, I’ve been impressed with the idea that in today’s economy taking small actions with high impact are the “new” way to get our jobs done.

These small actions are intrinsic to what Mr. Godin calls the “connection economy,” where we are more attracted to individuals and products that provide real human interaction and care than mass marketed, mediocre commodities.  Thank you for the ability to communicate cheaply, Mr. Internets.

We have all considered the concept of quality over quantity, but it bears noticing – just because an action is small does not limit it’s effectiveness or impact, and it might be that in today’s world those are the actions that really count.

This is the kind of idea that sets my soul afire.  Probably because it’s how I want to live in the world, creating as many small, palpable moments of shift in and around myself so as to create positive ripples that move across the universe forever.

Big rock lands in small pond, can you see it?

Think about how it feels to have an epiphany, or even a #minipiphany, and how it hits you in the gut.  It happens in a small moment, and probably because of a small action. Your attention is singular, you gasp, you know something big just happened.  Maybe you can’t sort it all out yet, but something suddenly shifted hard right in your psyche via a tiny thought/action/event.  Those are high impact, and yet very small moments.  Mr. Godin seems to suggest that those are also the moments of connection between people, of quality, and of the substance we so desperately long for. As well as the moments that matter most in our current economic structure.

Regardless of economy, I want to highlight this idea of small actions with high impact for our teaching and relating practices.

If we are to make a difference in the world, we can only start where we are and with the resources at hand.  There is no need to search beyond the table that is set before us in order to make a difference.  I used to think that making a big impact meant (and required) a big stage and big audience.  That is no longer my belief, thank you, Jesus.  What a huge burden to carry, not to mention an impossible place to start something from!

If we can each accept and revel in the gifts we have at our disposal right here, right now, we can get to the business of creating positive change immediately.  Think small action.  Think, “how can I make the most impact with . . .”

this one moment of eye contact.

this one story.

this one vocal exercise.

this one voice lesson.

this one idea.

this one blog post.

this one conversation.

this one workshop.

this one thought.

this one moment of appreciation.

this one ___________.

You get the point. Small actions can have enormous impact, and like I said, THAT bears noticing.



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  1. YES!!! Small action- just one interaction can have a ripple effect. One moment at a time and the impact it can have long term. So exciting!!!!

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