Room For Every Flower

One of my favorite Nashville vocal coaches, Ron Browning, says “there is plenty of room in the garden for ALL the flowers to bloom.”

Bang!  That is the God’s honest truth!

And to me it means not only enjoying the inherent and unique beauty of everyone around you, but also realizing that YOU are a magnificent flower.  You have your own space, access to the same sunshine, water, and soil as the next guy, and you are in the process of blooming.

There are no exceptions to this rule, no matter what you feel or think.  To be alive is to be living in a state of miracle.  If you don’t believe me, then think about your body’s 55 billion+ cells all working in concert at this very moment.  Even if some of those cells are damaged or dysfunctional, there are still more working correctly than not.  Many, many more.

When we truly embrace the miracle of life, and the blooming of beauty in and around us, we learn to enjoy everyone else blooming too.  Dare I say, we even learn to CELEBRATE our lives and the lives around us.

This quote also calls into question the false idea that resources are limited, and there is only “so much” to go around.  Not true.  There are endless opportunities, connections, ideas, and days of sunshine available to us.  The trick is turn our thinking around, and be radical in how we see the world.  Do not give in to the dark side, young warriors.

Thank you, Ron Browning, for spreading this message.  The image of flowers blooming together in an endless field of glory makes me feel peaceful and more importantly, hope filled.  I know it has done the same for countless others, and we are grateful for this priceless perspective.

Go. Bloom.


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  1. Liz, I generally don’t comment on blogs, but I want you know how inspiring I find every one of your entries. Each one contains “news I can use”. Thank you so much for sharing another of your many talents.

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