I Have a Dream and So Do You

One day, your dream will become someone else’s reality.
One day, your dream will open up a door so big that thousands of people from all across the world will walk through your dream.
~Lisa Nichols

Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He catapulted the dream of unity and love onto the world stage in modern day, super hero fashion.  He was a super hero, but he was also human.

Which gives me pause to stop.  And dig deeper.  And dream bigger than I did even yesterday.

If he could dream on a grand scale, and have the guts to share those dreams with the world, then so can we.

One of my dreams is to manifest peace and harmony on this earth.  Like, the kind of peace where most people KNOW that everything is working out for good.  And people can talk with each other in an atmosphere of encouragement and joy.  And creativity is exploding out of peoples’ chests in electric rainbow arcs.  Even if no one else wants to join me in this too big, too grandiose, too polly-anna, too [whatever] dream, I get to dream it anyway.

And . . . you get to dream your dream too.

Now, dreams are wonderful, but we were also given a voice in order to share those dreams.  I recently wrote a post for the blog Tomato Sass on how to dream bigger (the process of!), and what better time than today to re-share this lil’ idea?

Insights: On Dreaming Bigger

So, for today, dream a little bigger.  And then ask yourself how you can start voicing those dreams with the bold, beautiful voice you’ve been given.

As I’ll always endorse, you’re voice is important and deserves to be heard.  It was put on this earth to be used, and used to give life to your dreams.

Your big, loving, impossible/possible dreams.

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