Hello, Love Revolution

I needed a business name.  Then it hit me: “love revolution.”  The name of the song.

It felt like this song was given to me.  (The full lyric video is below.)

The chords came, the words flowed, and the whole tune was pretty much finished in an hour.  And the song says what I believe, that the only place change is going to take place is right here, right now, inside us.  Me and you.

The big changes we are all waiting for “out there” can only really happen inside each individual.  And that peace movement we dream of, that shift from hatred to love (and more love), is only achievable one heart at a time.

And this IS a heart matter, y’all.  There’s no way to THINK our way around it.

I read the words to a friend soon after they were practically dictated to me.  This friend laughed at “love revolution,” and said it sounded like something out of the hippie era.  True.  It does.

But, for one of the first times in my life, I didn’t care who laughed because I cared more about the message and how it felt to share my viewpoint than what my friends think.

So, my voice studio needed a name.  Why not make a declaration?  Why not say who you are and what you want?

Love Revolution.  Perfect.  That’s the whole game.  A love revolution.  That’s what I want, and that’s what I’ve gotten.

Nothing less will do in this life.

Yes, I’m an idealist, say what you want about it.  But, every time someone sees or says my business name they are (on some level) taking in, absorbing, processing the words love revolution.  It can’t be helped because you can’t NOT be aware of what’s called to your attention.

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